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PAC Endorsements

Endorsed by our NWPC LA Westside Caucus
Nancy Krasne
Beverly Hills City Council
Vera Markowitz
Beverly Hills City Council
Frances Bilak
Beverly Hills City Council
Cynthia Blatt
West Hollywood
Amanda Goodwin
West Hollywood
Endorsed by NWPC California:
Delaine Eastin
California Governor

(This race is in 2018)
Click for full list of NWPC California from 2016
Endorsed by NWPC LA Coordinating Council
Nancy Pearlman
Community College
Dallas Fowler
Community College
Monica Garcia
School Board
Allison Holdorff Polhill
School Board
Kelly Gonez
School Board
Endorsed by our NWPC LA Westside Caucus (Past Races)
Meghan Sahli-Wells
Culver City Councilwoman
Endorsed by NWPC Los Angeles Coordinating Council (past)
Endorsed by NWPC California (past - short list)
Endorsed by NWPC National CURRENT - link
Endorsed by NWPC National (past - short list)

A partial list of past NWPC L.A. endorsed candidates:

Betsy Butler, Assemblywoman 50th
Frances Bilak, Beverly Hills School Board

Meghan Sali-Wells, Culver City Council

Joan House, Malibu City Council

Missy Zeitsoff, Malibu City Council

Nancy Goldberg, Culver City School Board
Gleam Davis, Santa Monica City Council
Shari Davis, Santa Monica City Council

Partial list of past NWPC C.A. & National endorsed candidates:

Barbara Boxer, U.S. Senate
Karen Bass, 33rd Congressional District
Beth Krom, 48th Congressional District
Francine Busby, 50th Congressional District
Debra Bowen, Secretary of State
Kamala Harris, California Attorney General
Betty Yee, State Board of Equalization - District 1
Noreen Evans, 2nd Senate District
Ellen Corbett, 10th Senate District
Susan Bonilla, 11th Assembly District
Anna Caballert, 12th Senate District
Nancy Skinner, 14th Assembly District
Joan Buchanan, 15th Assembly District
Mary Hayashi, 18th Assembly District
Fran Florez, 30th Assembly District
Linda Jones, 36th Assembly District
Holly Mitchell, 47th Assembly District
Betsy Butler, 53rd Assembly District
Renea Wickman, 63rd Assembly District
Melissa Fox, 70th Assembly District
Nancy O'Malley, Alameda County District Attorney
Carole Laval, Fresno County Assessor Recorder
Cynthia Sterling, Fresno Board of Supervisors


NWPC would like to thank all of our endorsed candidates for their hard work and dedication to women, choice and showing that having more women in politics makes a difference! Recent elections have showen us that when women run, women WIN.